By submitting your registration to this demo you agree to the following rules

  • Please, when dealing with someone who gets your sexual identification wrong, be civil about correcting them and make sure they understand in a way that is not passive (aggressive). If you have any other issues, simply ignore them. You may NOT go to a mod or administrator just because someone gets your sexual identification wrong. And don’t start pointless drama about it either.

  • AUnnecessary aggression is not needed. What I mean is, using profanity in a passive way as a means to insult someone, disrupt the peace, and generally cause drama. Calling someone “mother fucker” and/or “bitch” in a PLAYFUL manner is fine, but once you begin to get uneasy users telling you to stop, please do so.

  • When looking for a reference to use for your character, if there is a copyright on the image, or there’s something on the artist’s page or comments section that says their picture(s) are not allowed for use, or there’s a caption that says “Do not redistribute or use for roleplay”, please, respect the artist’s copyright and DO NOT USE THE IMAGE. Doing so will result in a silence until you’ve found another reference. Continuing to do so even after the silence will result in a kick, and maybe even a ban.

  • When looking for a roleplay, you should not expect every person you message to accept it. People have the right to say “No” or reject you in any way, just as you have that same right. You may not threaten or use any form of blackmail to gain the desired person you wish to RP with. Doing so will result in a silence for 24 hours.

  • Please keep memes to a minimal in the main rooms. We don’t need memes taking over 90% of the chat. There is a separate room for memes here. IF you wish to do them, go there. If not, keep it to a minimal.

  • Please keep controversial topics such as religion, drugs, politics, etc out of the main rooms. If you wish to speak about such things, please do it in PM’s, or if need be, I’ll do a vote for a separate room for it. In addition to that, talk about illegal activities are not allowed in the main rooms.

  • Kinkshaming of any kind is prohibited. People have their personal preferences just like you do. You are not obligated to interact with people who have a kink or kinks you have a distaste for. Do not look down on them as a lesser human being for acting upon these kinks. Now, in addition to that, kinks such as cubs and rape and the likes, illegal real life acts, if you happen to come across a person who does this stuff in real life and have openly admitted to it, please provide proof and we will rid of them immediately.

  • Godmodding is not allowed. For people who don’t know what godmodding is, it’s where your character always hits it’s mark, or never gets hit, completely disregarding any damage or the person’s attacks or whatever it is you’re doing. Play fair and leave your partner some room to counter or accept what you’re going to do with them.

  • No, means no, people. If someone doesn’t want you to roleplay with them, respect their decision and move on. Furthermore, if there is a main roleplay going on and you want to join in, you MUST ask to roleplay with them. You MAY NOT jump in to a roleplay on your own accord if you haven’t gotten permission from a majority of the party involved!

  • And most importantly, no spamming, trolling, or excessive shit posting!