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Disclaimer: This is not a professional website and should not be taken seriously. This is for hobby purposes only. You are using this site at your own risk. Proper action will be taken if there is any misuse of the services provided by the site. I am not responsible for anything that happens outside of this site.

Welcome to FantasyChatters!

FantasyChatters is a character-based RP chat site where players can use their own characters or canon characters to roleplay their favorite fantasies. There's no limit to what you can do here (within the rules), so come on in and have fun!


The blogs page is powered by B2Evolution and will be where people can suggest features to the site and if anyone has any questions, comments, and/or concerns with staff and/or other users. Come on down and say "Hi"!


The forums page is powered by phpbb. This will help further extend the FC community. You can share your art work, request commissions, etc. Please take necessary precautions for all services you offer/request to/from other users.

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