Site Rules!

With every good chat site, there has to be a set of rules for both the users and the moderators/administrators to follow. The users rules are on the left and the mod/admin rules are on the right, but protected via user permissions. You can only view them if you have been promoted to mod or admin.

  1. No spamming the chat. This goes for excessive YouTube and/or porn sharing links, as well as the same message less than a minute apart from each other. Try to also keep your posts to one line, don't break them up to one or two words per line.
  2. No excessive shitposting. Especially the memes in main. We have a meme room for that.
  3. No bashing the mods and admins and the site owner publicly in main about their duties.
  4. No advertising third-party chats, IM's (Discord, Kik, Skype, Telegram, etc.), and other services out in main without proper SuperAdmin permission.
  5. If someone has you on ignore, you are prohibited from making another account to bypass it, or ask someone to send them a message as an alternative bypass.
  6. No obtaining and posting other user's sensitive information in main or anywhere else for that matter.
  7. No posting irl pictures in main for your own safety. What you do in PM's is at your own risk, however.
  8. No jumping in on other people's arguments if they didn't ask for your input. If it doesn't concern you in any way (Whether they're a friend or not), don't get involved, especially without knowing the full story first.
  9. No godmodding/Mary Sue'ing, or anything similar. Play fair.
  10. No jumping in on other people's roleplay without permission from all parties involved.
  11. Do not whine or bash someone in main for them either not roleplaying with you or leaving mid-roleplay, or even simply not wanting to chat with you. You are not entitled to anything from anyone and they are not obligated to chat with you simply because you messaged them.
Do you think that a moderator or admin is abusing their privileges?
Use to send a complaint about a mod and/or
admin. Please be sure to site your sources (screenshots/logs).
Need a ban appeal, email to get
a appeal decision.
IF you are experiencing an issue with a user, take a screenshot of your situation (specifically one that can't be altered), and immediately block the user.
Only admi ns and moderators can view this content.