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Mod Rules!

The moderators and administrators of FantasyChatters also have rules and guidelines to uphold. This is so I don't have a corrupt, power hungry team helping me keep this site afloat. Moderators are required to follow these rules and guidelines. This is mandatory and I recommend you read through everything very carefully. Do a double take if you have to. Any violation of these rules and guidelines may result in the removal of whatever symbol/color you have to represent your user group.


  1. Keep your ego in check. Just because you have a certain level of power does not mean you get to look down on other users and think you're better than them. Keep in mind that you were a regular user before as well, I can easily place you back in that position if need be.
  2. Having close friends, loved ones, and pets/slaves is alright, but don't let their relationship status with you dictate them getting silenced, kicked, and/or banned. If they break a rule or causing drama, handle it as if they were any other user. There will be no favoritism when it comes to dealing with rule breakers.
  3. In addition to rule number two, this one is for my admins; under no circumstances should be promoting regular users or mods to mod or admin roles without my consent.
  4. This one is an important one when it comes to users safety. I expect my mods and admins to be mature enough to not use a user's personal profile info (i.e. IP address or email address) as a means to harass or blackmail. Cross that threshold and it won't be pretty. Don't test me with this one.

Mod/Admin Procedures

Moderators and Administrators must follow these procedures to make sure everything is fair and unbiased:

  1. Mods/Admins must encourage the user or users to use the ignore button before taking any kind of action.Also, when dealing with rule breakers and arguments in main chats, mods/admins must warn all parties involved. Even if the "victim" is continuing on, they get a silence as well for adding more fuel to the flame.
  2. Mods/Admins must ask for screenshotted proof, or screenshotted logs before taking any kind of action.
  3. Once screenshotted proof and/or logs have been given, Mods/Admins may now proceed to silence any users involved. Also, when dealing with rule breakers and arguments in main chats, mods/admins must silence all parties involved. Even if the "victim" is continuing on, they get a silence as well for adding more fuel to the flame.
  4. Mods/Admins must kick all parties involved breaking a rule or not ceasing an argument after warnings and silences. No one is spared. If the "victim" is still going on, they get kicked too.
  5. If all else fails, then Mods/Admins are allowed to ban all parties involved, ONLY after they've completed the first four steps.

Mod/Admin Punishments

  • Moderators/Administrators who violate the site rules will be given a warning. Three warnings will lead up to a week suspension.
  • Moderators/Administrators who violate the Mod/Admin Procedures will be reprimanded and will lose their ranking for at least a week. Once you've hit three weeks of suspension, after that, you will not be able to reapply for a moderator or administrator role.
  • Moderators and administrators who violate the Mod/Admin rules will be reprimanded for at least a month. Once you've reached a three month suspension, you will no longer be able to re-apply for a moderator or administrator role.
  • Moderators/Administrators who violate our privacy policy (i.e. using a user's IP address and/or email to harass or blackmail, DDOS'ing, etc) will be automatically teminated from their role as moderator or administrator.

Moderators/Administrators who are under suspension will be under a watch by either me or one or more of my senior mods/admins.

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